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Vomiting Cheerleaders and Visions of the Future


I was having a lot of fun playing the new GTA 5 DLC where you create a biker gang (we made a gang of bicyclists) and then they banned me from playing.  Why?  The exact reason remains a mystery but one of the live broadcasting programs we use apparently triggered some sort of bot reaction at Rockstar.  It’s happened before and I’m surprised Rockstar is still doing it.  We won’t play it again and I doubt we’ll play any Rockstar games in the future. (Emre also got banned when we switched to his account)


One of the more enjoyable Cards Against Humanity influenced games I’ve played.  Insulting your friends straight to their face has never been easier.


Jason Stephens does his classic Christopher Walken impression with a new game called Recore. Some amazing one liners in this one.  And Walken’s weird stories are always fun.


Whoring myself out for cash?  I ain’t above it.  Plus I knew this would be fun.  To a point. I’m a little embarrassed but it is almost Halloween so I guess it’s ok…


The show that started out as an attempt to do virtually no editing and no planning what will happen suddenly turned into the most planned and highly edited show we make, except for maybe Skyrim For Pimps.  The new 7 Days To Die episode takes the show to a new place with some weird science and desperate vagabonds on the run.