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Work with Aaron Yonda.

If you would like to advertise via one of Aaron’s video series, have him speak at your event, or sponsor his work, get in touch!


I can make something for you.

Aaron manages both of his YouTube channels and has organized over 100 branding, product placement, and sponsorship deals for his videos.  Using multiple income producing streams Aaron produces about 8 comedy videos a week every week for BlameSocietyFilms, GameSocietyPimps, and Junkyard Joust

Along with creative partner Matt Sloan (who does the voice of Darth Vader for LucasFilm TV shows and commercials) Aaron has extensive knowledge of working with brands and companies who want him to create a video or extend their reach.  Aaron has had 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns and also manages a group of fan pages on Facebook and Twitter (Chad Vader, Hal Thompson, Beer and Board Games, etc.) that have a combined reach into the hundreds of thousands.

Aaron grew Blame Society Films from a public access TV Show in the 1990’s to a popular internet entertainment destination and production house in the 00’s and beyond.


  • BBC America
  • NBC
  • Disney
  • Google
  • Machinima
  • Audible
  • Trident
  • Jarritos
  • Maker Studios
  • International Trucking
  • Pancheros
  • Bethesda
  • 2K
  • TellTale Games
  • Think Geek
  • Capital Brewery
  • MobCraft Brewing
  • Ubisoft
  • Next Games
  • Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Deep Silver


  • Dan Harmon (Community, Rick And Morty)
  • Rob Schrab (Sarah Silverman Programme)
  • John Green (The Fault In Our Stars, Paper Towns)
  • Hank Green (Vlog Brothers, Sci Show)
  • Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy (Mystery Science Theater 3000, Rifftrax)
  • Andy Breckman (Saturday Night Live, David Letterman, Rat Race)
  • Felicia Day (The Guild)
  • Kevin Nealon (Saturday Night Live, Weeds)
  • Brian Krause (Charmed, Plan 9)
  • Greg Benson (Mediocre Films)
  • Mike McCafferty (Idiocracy)
  • Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity)
  • Kim Evey (The Guild)


  • Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop (Keynote Speaker)
  • BlogWorld New Media Expo (Keynote Speaker)
  • Comic Con (panel)
  • Dragon Con (panel)
  • Fan Expo Canada (panel)
  • The Writers Guild (panel)
  • Director’s Cut on Wisconsin Public Telelvision