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Time Travel, Nerd Stories, and Comedy In Space


I always relish the chance to tell the pitiful stories of my nerd youth and the game Once gave me that chance. The live version of the show has a lot more of them, in case you want to hear the full tales.

President Obama plays the upcoming game Watch Dogs 2 and does a little freestyle rapping while he’s at it.


Imagine Emre and I on a ruined spaceship dealing with the computer Hal from 2001 and you get what this video is. We make a lot of videos I think are really funny, but because they are not “trending” or “topical” or highly searched games they don’t get a lot of views.  Which is too bad because we have a lot of fun playing them.


Emre and crew head for the desert in a quest for a new base while Aaron and crew build a dick statue and experiment with some new time travel technology.  7 Days To Die is about to get epic.


Now and then the perks of having made Chad Vader continue to pay dividends as in this case when Disney sent us some hot new toys from the new Star Wars Rogue One movie. Matt opened them on his show, but I got the Death Trooper for myself afterwards.  He’s like 2 ft tall!