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South Park, British Toilets, and Skintight Gold Bodysuits


I don’t usually script the Let’s Plays for GSP but since it’s entirely possible that Trey Parker and Matt Stone watched and liked the previous Morgan Freeman playthrough of South Park The Stick of Truth we did a while back…well it seemed like a good idea to make it a bit more polished than usual. Full credit to Jason Stephens for improvising off the script and making it great.


Live with an old classic of gaming. They made Oddjob tall!  I guess it was to make him less OP, however I quickly learned that if you crouch people can’t hit you half the time, which made me lose a little less badly.


B&BG this week is not only a very funny episode, but it’s a dive into peculiar Britishisms like describing a clogged toilet as stuck with a “Chewbacca Arm”…
Because of the sadistic whims of some of our GSP patrons I am forced to keep playing this wretched heaping filthbag of a game for the Xbox Kinect. Beware, it is not pretty. Torturous games like this tend to bring out the worst in me…including drinking half a bottle of whiskey and donning a skintight gold bodysuit.


I cut this one together in a rush (with some help) to get out brand new gameplay footage from For Honor, the game of battling and combat with knights, vikings, and samurai. Looking forward to this game. Jason’s Professor Obama idea was hilarious.


Fallout 4 Pimps rolls nearer to an end point as Humongous Nipple searches for pink paint so she can appear more motherly when she finds her long lost son.


7 Days To Die heats up with the day 77 zombie horde attack. Religious zealots and atheist sex fiends must band together (as much as they can) to defend from the imminent wave of vomiting cops and feral nasties.