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Drunken Risk, Morgan Freeman’s Mafia, and Who Tooted?


Right after the recording of Beer and Board Games we went right to the PS4 to play some drunken board games.  It was highly enjoyable.


I’ve never played the Mafia series but this one looks like a riot. Jason knocked it out of the park with Morgan, and the game looks a little like GTA except set in 1968.


7 Days to Die goes into brand new territory as Emre leaves Pleasure Town along with his disciples.  We’ve been playing this game with fans of the Game Society Pimps and I have to say, it’s been one of the most fun things I’ve done.  Seeing how we all collaborate, develop characters, and improvise the plot together has been incredibly rewarding. Can’t wait to see where it goes next.


We got access to For Honor early on and this was some of the footage we captured, with Emre and I playing along.  Emre was heavily intoxicated…


Speaking of drunkenness (and Emre) Beer and Board Games had a GameSocietyPimps crossover as we played the very special game of farts and deduction, Who Tooted? We also played Speak Out, a game in which you put a plastic piece of dental equipment in your mouth and try to talk. Base, but hilarious.

GSP’s live show was For Honor and medieval revenge as Emre and I battled people who know what the hell they are doing in this game and lost, and then we fought each other for glory.

Emre and I begin our separate quests for lives without each other.  This going somewhere interesting. Alpha 15 is just around the corner!