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Skyrim For Pimps is back!

Skyrim For Pimps is finally back!


Every so often I make a “branded video” and this one is kind of a throwback to the sketch comedy Matt Sloan and I used to make on Blame Society Films.


There’s a new Battlefield game, Battlefield 1! Emre and I grab horses, tanks, and planes and try to live for more than 3 seconds.  It’s fun, it was live.


Our friends Deon and Sheila are hilarious when they’re drunk. And the game Cheer Up actually did just that. Or could have been the whiskey, who remembers?


Jason’s Donald Trump goes in for surgery to get a new golden heart in Surgeon Simulator. He spirit walks during the operation and gets violently murdered in games like Far Cry, Dead Rising, Doom, and more. What a fun time!



Skyrim For Pimps, a raunchy hilarious show with an involved and complex storyline we created (possibly worthy of a Game of Thrones George R. R. Martin level plot-line comparison).  We started years ago with a simple love story between 2 women in the game, and now we are close to wrapping it up with the story of a upright hero who goes off the rails when his Gods desert him.  The episodes get harder and harder to make as we push video game mods and our own brains to the limits to make everything work the way we want it to, within the game.  Each episodes always leaves the viewers asking, “When is the next episode?”