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Election is over, time to drink.

Well the election is finally over and it’s time to stop fucking thinking about it for a while.  Here are some videos I made last week.


Mike and Matt got up in each other’s mutual grilles in this episode and Bo really really wanted to be Thor.


Season 2 of Skyrim For Pimps features “Crotch Guzzler” the mage who goes to magic college.  He finds that reading and studying are not exactly his jam, his first college girlfriend is a little clingy, and things go very very wrong.



We hunted and killed our fans in Dead By Daylight, a really fun game especially when you get to see the hunter and the hunted POV.


I’m going to start releasing Beer and Board Games seasons as full length single videos with all the promos and extra stuff trimmed out.  Watch it all again and forget your troubles for a little while.


The invasion of Pleasure Shire starts with a cross-dressing southern belle named Bewt T.  The apocalypse has never looked so…slightly off-putting.


Well this explains how he won.


A fun live stream that happened during the Cubs winning the World Series.  Bad timing, but we did have a good discussion about possible new team names for the Cleveland Indians.