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Ghostly Minibikes, Wheel of Misfortune, and Heaven’s Elephant

The week started off with a live stream of the unstable new build of 7 Days To Die zombie apocalypse as Emre and I played with upwards of 12 fans.  There was the requisite chaos and some people started interacting with things minutes in past which made for some odd moments, one of which was getting off your mini-bike and then watching it zoom away riderless like something out of a Harry Potter book.

I had a lot of fun this episode of Beer and Board Games shouting at the wheel and failing to win a fortune. This episode is good basic drunken foolishness.


Doesn’t matter who you vote for as long as you vote.  Not voting aka apathy leads to individuals having less and less power, inverted totalitarianism, and–you get it.  Here is a funny video that Jason Stephens impersonated Barack Obama in. A bad lip reading of sorts. And a lot of awkward sniffling.

Also wanted to ring in the Autumnal Equinox with some good old fashioned Hal Thompson absurdity and craziness. And funny t-shirts.


My “pal” Adam Koralik from Figure It Out Productions is a retro gaming enhusiast.  If he was a woman he would be the character pictured below that we bed in this episode of Hunie Pop…the Bejeweled match gems style of copulating of course.


Our 7 Days To Die Series continues to explore the post-apocalypse break-up of religious zealot Emre and science gigolo Aaron as they have split up with Emre’s disciples starting to have strange elephantine dreams.