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Aaron Yonda.

I’m Aaron Yonda. This website is where you can see all the stuff I create each week.

The deal with me is that I create comedy videos on the internet like Chad Vader: Day Shift ManagerBeer and Board GamesChristopher WalkenthroughSkyrim For Pimps, and hundreds more on my YouTube channels Game Society and Blame Society Films. The views on these videos total over 200 million and subscribers total 700,000. I have worked with a lot of brands and a lot of people to create things. I write, direct, improvise, act, and do voiceovers.

The Latest

A collection of my latest videos (in some cases at the bottom of the playlists)

Junkyard Joust

50 cars enter, 3 cars leave. If you’ve ever enjoyed smashing Hot Wheels together, Junkyard Joust is your show! New series by Aaron Yonda.

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